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Established in 2015, Daniam is a professional IT consulting and software outsourcing company based in Yerevan, Armenia.

We pride ourselves in designing and developing end-to-end customized software solutions for our international and local customers in various verticals. The skilled and highly motivated teams we employ have worked on a variety of projects ranging from a simple to complex enterprise CRM and ERP solutions. The projects are covering industries like airports, healthcare, retail and logistics. We are proud on sharing our professional expertise, custom solutions, and services to our clients around the globe with carefully carrying confidentiality and sensitivity.


Web Platforms

We always tend to develop effective, user-friendly and unique web solutions that will meet your organizational goals and will provide a competitive advantage to your company in the market.


Mobile App Development

Our Mobile Application Development teams have a comprehensive skill set to design, develop and deliver fast and robust mobile applications both for iOS and Android platforms.


AI in Object Recognition

We work to develop high-quality, custom-designed and professional AI software for object recognition and person detection. Our software expertise and bid-date management skills are called to meet your needs and requirements.


Embedded Software

With our versatile experience in embedded software development and expertise with multiple hardware platforms, we can create and adopt embedded system solutions for your company’s complex solution requirements.


At Daniam we understand that businesses require agility, efficiency, productivity and reliability to compete and grow in this fast-growing world. Within the past years, we have developed a wide range of SaaS solutions, beacon-based applications, ERP systems, custom web solutions and products to empower our clients with tools to manage organization sales, marketing, customer relations and support in wide range of industries.

You can explore our software projects portfolio and request demo access to some of publicly available products that suit or are similar to your business needs and challenges. We will be glad to get in touch and discuss the opportunities that will make mutual benefits for your company and Daniam.

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The key to our success is our amazing partners and clients with who we have established long-lasting and productive cooperation over the past years.

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